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Acey Duckey was an old BASIC game by Bill Palmby, first published in the book BASIC Computer Games (1978).

I basically re-coded the whole game twice. Once in the past when I was learning the basics of the C language, I developed a terminal version. Later, I coded a new version of the game in Lua, using the Löve2D engine. The game still keeps the essence of what it was in the beginning (in BASIC language), but now has elegant sprites, sound effects and a better and more balanced algorithm for winning and loosing, including all faces of a cards deck and touchscreen compatibility (which means you can run the game on your smartphone if you have the Android Löve2D app installed.

The game is still in test, so feel free to post opinions on what I may improve in the game. Please remember that this game is Open Source, Attribution to me (and Bill Palmby) is required when redistributing this game or using parts of it. 

I also would like to thank Kenney (https://s-i-tech.itch.io/acey-duckey2https://twitter.com/KenneyNL) for the assets used in this game. You are awesome man! Thanks!


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This must be a dumb question but, how is the game played? I keep losing my wallet and I don't even know why. <u>

Also, what's that Super Toast No Game thing? xD It's so cute!


Hi! This game need some features added to be actually the complete Acey Duckey game, maybe you could help with that too if you have the chance. The source code is on the game's page. If you want to understand how the complete game works, try my text only version (made in C language): https://s-i-tech.itch.io/acey-duckey

Anyway, aceyduckey is a player vs. house luck game. Two cards are drawn by the house, and you have the option to decide how much you want to bet (This is the feature currently lacking), plus, bet is mandatory. 

The Idea to dominate the game is to understand the cards values, if the difference between the values is bigger, there is a better chance you double the money you've  bet because the chance of the third card pulled by the house be one with a value between the two first cards is increased, otherwise you loose al the money you've bet. Basically, you should bet low on "hard pairs" and bet high on "easy pairs".

The toast (or gangnam style, depending on a random factor) slate, is a message presented when the Löve engine runs without a game. Have you experienced this screen while running the game? This may be a bug that needs fixing, please let me know.

Oh, I see... well, I'll wait for the game to be completed, then. ·u·

About the Toast, it seems there are 2 executable files and 1 of them (the one which isn't your game) is that Toast thing. Seems like a leftover. :|c