Future Improvements

Hi Guys! 

This is Gus, the developer of Musi. After a bunch of wonderful feedback from the itch community, I decided to add some more level to the games, remake the levels with better sound to key pattern and add a little more design to the game, even he being focused on people with blindness. There's no reason to have an ugly game am I'm right?! 

Anyway, I'm also reaching out to some professional voice over actors in order to get rid of that AWFUL google voice dialogs in the game, and replace them by a natural and beautiful voice, and I'll develop a proper mobile version, with touch support and dialogs oriented to touch screens. We will, however, need a little help to make this work. If you know of anyone who is more familiar with developing Löve2D apps for Android, please let-me know. Also, given the costs of opening a Google Play developer account, I'll need to charge for the Android version of the game, but don't worry, the price will be only 0,99 cents. 

I'll not, however, at any point, for any reason, add In App Purchases or Ad's, as I believe this is a awful way to make money, specially with a game that it is focused on inclusion. I dunno, it feels like a evil thing to do, and I definitely don't want to do that.

Anyway, expect new updates soon! 

Kindest regards;


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